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National Farm Safety and Health Week: Safe Use of Harvesting Equipment

National Farm Safety and Health Week: Safe Use of Harvesting Equipment

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), agriculture is one of the most hazardous industries in the United States – and also one of the most rewarding. In order to be the latter, on-farm safety is essential. This week is known as National Farm Safety and Health Week, so we wanted to share some tips on safe use of harvesting equipment to keep in mind this fall.

While harvest season is one of the peak periods for farm injuries and deaths, many injuries can be prevented through effective farm safety management. Here are some tips from the National Safety Council’s Agriculture Division.

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Shattering Expectations

Shattering Expectations

One of the questions Hedrick gets asked about 2022 most often is, ‘How did you choose the hybrid?’

“It started with a bunch of arguments between me and Clif,” he laughed. “We were at our commodity conference last year and I said, ‘Clif, we have this farm and the ground is really special. We’ve pushed it as hard as we can and we want to put a racehorse hybrid on it again this year to see how much further we can push it.”

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Producing More Bushels

Producing More Bushels

“We do a lot of field walking. As a farmer, the visual indicators of getting out in the field – seeing the crop conditions, weed pressure, disease pressure – really being able to see that with your own eyes, that is so valuable. Doing your own agronomy work, versus having standard scouting done by other people, helps us make better management decisions and see a higher return on investment. That’s why we walk so many fields.”

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"It’s like I have an extra person working for me. I have a little less stress I don’t have to endure myself. They really treat you like family. They don’t just treat you like you’re a sale and that’s it."

– Ped Wilson, Wabash County