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From Firefighter to Farmer

From Firefighter to Farmer

The 2022 North Carolina Corn Yield Contest Dryland Division winner set what many believe to be a world-record dryland yield with 459.51 bushels per acre in Catawba County, North Carolina. A first-generation farmer, Hedrick has gone from fighting fires to lining up speaking engagements with agricultural audiences around the world over the last decade.

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Benefits of strong brace roots

Benefits of strong brace roots

For a productive growing season, a corn plant’s brace roots are essential. Brace roots serve as an anchor, while also contributing to nutrient and water uptake. For healthy brace roots, quality genetics and planting standards are needed. Combining AgVenture seed with the Maximum Profit System™ planting standards will set you up for success and strong brace roots.

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"It’s like I have an extra person working for me. I have a little less stress I don’t have to endure myself. They really treat you like family. They don’t just treat you like you’re a sale and that’s it."

– Ped Wilson, Wabash County