Wheat Seed Treatment

HarvestShield™ Wheat Seed Treatment by McKillip Seeds

Protect Your Farm’s Investment with Harvestshield™ Seed Treatment by McKillip Seeds

HarvestShield™ seed treatment from McKillip Seeds gives your wheat best-in-class protection against harmful early-season disease and insects. With an industry-leading fungicide and insecticide package, HarvestShield delivers the protection needed to give your crop the ultimate advantage through harvest.

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  • Rancona@ V-100 Pro FS: a broad-spectrum, seed treatment fungicide containing ipconazole and carboxin for the control of a wide range of labeled diseases on listed cereals, corn, dried shelled beans and soybeans
  • Metalaxyl: a systemic fungicide used to control pythium damping off and systemic downy mildew
  • Thiabenazole: a systemic fungicide which aids in the control of many important plant diseases
  • Imidacloprid: a systemic insecticide proven to effectively protect wheat from a broad range of harmful insects
  • Diacon IGR Plus: a liquid stored grain protectant that is applied directly to grain to help stop pests and provide excellent grain and seed protection
  • Polymer/Colorant/Stabilizer: a polymer coating designed to improve plantability, reduce dust-off of actives, and improve seed flow
WheatShield Active Ingredients
Diseases Suppressed
General Seed Rots
Seedling Blight, Root, Foot and Crown Rot caused by Fusarium or Rhizoctonia
Seedling Blight, Root Rot and Damping-Off caused by Soil-Borne Pyhthium spp.
Common Bunt (Stinking Smut)
Suppression of Powdery Mildew, Barley Stripe
Loose Smut
Fusarium Scab
Insects Suppressed
Suppress Wireworm
Control Wireworm
Aphids, Hessian Fly
Common Grain Storage Insects
Three-Cornered Alfalfa Hopper

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Protect Your Farm’s Investment with Harvestshield™ Seed Treatment by McKillip Seed

Protect your investment. Protect your seed. Maximize your profit.

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"It’s like I have an extra person working for me. I have a little less stress I don’t have to endure myself. They really treat you like family. They don’t just treat you like you’re a sale and that’s it."

– Ped Wilson, Wabash County