Corn Seed Treatment

Robust Fungicide Package

Robust Fungicide Package
Treated corn seed

Unique Insecticide Package

Broad-spectrum protection against early-season insects through Lumisure™ and Lumivia® insecticide seed treatments.

  • Wireworm
  • White Grub
  • Seed Corn Maggot
  • Cutworm
  • Fall Armyworm
  • Grape Colaspis
Seed Corn Maggot
White Grub

Nematicide Seed Treatment

  • Biological nematode protection while cooperating with beneficial organisms.
  • More than 80 days of root protection.


Luialza™ Protected

Securtiy Seed Protection System

Protect your investment. Protect your seed. Maximize your profit.

Hear what farmers are saying

"It’s like I have an extra person working for me. I have a little less stress I don’t have to endure myself. They really treat you like family. They don’t just treat you like you’re a sale and that’s it."

– Ped Wilson, Wabash County