Company Overview

“Success is about commitment and follow-through. We are committed to bringing our customers more value, more information, better applications of seed genetics and technologies to farmers than our competition does.”

– Mitch Snyder, Sales and Marketing Manager

Farmers in our area have been growing crops for more than a hundred years. And for the past 87 years, the McKillip family has been focused on the art and science of locally adapted, high-performance seed. That’s eight and a half decades of focused, specific knowledge of our soils and our growing environments. It’s four generations of McKillip family members working side-by-side with you to share the wisdom earned and advance the application of new seed hybrids and varieties, new tools, and technologies. We work hard to learn from the past, adapt for the present, and prepare for all the future holds for our customers because we are farmers too.

We remain dedicated to our customers who face the same challenges and benefits that farming here brings. But the last 85 years have given us a keen knowledge of seed sourcing and selection, of seed treatments and technology, and how dedicated crop management throughout the year impacts profitability. That’s what we share with our customers every day. It is based on trust. It is rooted in experience, and it is committed to executing a strategy that includes the most innovative seed products, treatments, tools, and crop management applications that make our customers more proficient, more profitable.

We know what works well here. It starts with the genetics. We source from the industry’s best, most advanced elite germplasm pools, coupled with cutting-edge technologies. We tap into the best hybrids and varieties that are specifically adapted to our area’s growing environment. The science allows us to provide customers with seed products that are both suited to our soils and capable of withstanding all kinds of pests and disease, droughts, and floods that Mother Nature can throw at us and allow crops to thrive. Next, we focus on that early stand. AgVenture provides superior seed quality. The seed is examined in rigorous laboratory testing that far surpasses industry standards. Next, we protect that young seedling’s chance against harsh springtime elements. The AgVenture Security Seed Protection System™ products optimize growth and development while protecting seedlings from pests, seedling diseases and environmental conditions, ensuring a healthy, uniform stand.

We help our customers get the best advantage possible with outstanding seed genetics and technologies, seed treatments and seed quality testing. But we don’t stop there – because we’re farmers too – and we know the crop is still a long way from the bin. Our AgVenture Yield Specialists (AYS) are here to work with you, one-on-one, on your farm and in your fields. We help our customers develop a cropping plan complete with individualized solutions and field-by-field product placement. We provide support and ideas, considerations, and observations right alongside you on your farm. Our AYS helps you explore and define new solutions, innovative approaches and management opportunities that maximize profits.

We want to make sure every kernel, every bean counts. Our Maximum Profit System™ (MPS) is a dynamic systems-based approach to dramatically increasing yields, lowering per bushel costs, and effectively improving profitability on your farm. The MPS approach focuses on high-yield strategies from planning, through planting, through in-season management consultation to harvest evaluations. It is strategic. It is effective. It drives profitability year after year. We know. We farm too.


We strive to be a trusted partner for your farm, delivering the highest quality locally-adapted seed products along with sound, solid agronomic advice year after year, for this generation and the next. We are locally focused down to the microscopic level on what makes outstanding seed, protects it, and optimizes the growing environment. There are always more bushels to grow. Our family and employees are dedicated to helping every customer achieve their goals. You can count on that because we farm too!

Hear what farmers are saying

"It’s like I have an extra person working for me. I have a little less stress I don’t have to endure myself. They really treat you like family. They don’t just treat you like you’re a sale and that’s it."

– Ped Wilson, Wabash County