High-Yield Strategies

Higher Yields are Within Reach

Through the Maximum Profit System™, AgVenture’s high-yield strategies for corn and soybeans are designed to boost production and help you see bigger numbers at harvest time.

300-Bushel Corn High-Yield Strategy

Within every bag of seed corn is the genetic potential to produce 600 bushels of grain or more per acre. AgVenture believes that attaining at least half of those potential bushels is a very achievable goal. It’s one of the most the most achievable goals in agriculture, and AgVenture McKillip Seeds knows the farming methods you need to make it happen.

150-Bushel Soybean High-Yield Strategy

Every bag of soybean seed has the genetic potential to produce 300 bushels of grain or more per acre. Just like AgVenture's belief about corn yield, achieving this goal is very attainable as well. The farming methods you'll learn through participating in the Maximum Profit System will help you impact the production and profit of your farm.