AgVenture Yield Specialist

A Fresh Approach to Service

An AgVenture Yield Specialist (AYS) is not your everyday seed sales representative. They're a seasoned professional, a trusted advisor and a dedicated partner relentlessly pursuing the best techniques to improve your bottom line. Their first priority is the relationship with you, the farmer, not seed sales. That's why they stick around long after the sale is made.

Your AYS is dedicated to crop management. Each one has in-depth knowledge of their respective areas, allowing them to be completely tuned in to the specific growing obstacles of your area. Through precise planning and calculation at each step, from pre-planting to post-harvest, your AYS delivers the information you need. This knowledge also allows them to make corn and soybean seed recommendations designed specifically to thrive in your environment. Your AYS is educated in every hybrid and variety available and will be there to make sure you're on track to achieving the maximum corn and soybean yields possible.