Maximum Profit System™

Smarter farming. Bigger yields. Maximum profit.

The Maximum Profit System (MPS) is designed to help you significantly increase the yield you receive from your corn and soybean seed to maximize profits on your farm. You start with high-quality seed specifically chosen for the conditions of your area and take that seed through a carefully developed set of steps and processes to get the most out of every acre.

Among those many steps and processes designed to help you increase the production and profit on your farm is changing the way you think. You have to believe that higher yields are in your control and take that mindset with you throughout the season, from planting to harvest and beyond.

Once you’re locked in to that mindset, you can begin to change the way you look at growing a crop and start to expect more out of your corn and soybean seed. Your AgVenture Yield Specialist (AYS) is integral to your success in MPS and is there to provide you with the agronomic knowledge, seed selection and guidance you need to be profitable. In addition, your AYS is there throughout the year to assist you.