About Us

“Success is about commitment and follow-through. We are committed to bringing our customers more value, more information, better applications of seed genetics and technologies to farmers than our competition does.” – Mitch Snyder, Sales and Marketing Manager

It all started in 1934 when Alvin McKillip grew ten acres of seed corn for Indiana Farm Bureau. With that act, Alvin McKillip had set up a seed tradition that would grow and prosper across four generations and positively affect farmers in three states. In 1935, the first McKillip Seeds corn hybrids were sold. Today, the company sells thousands of seed units across the region.

By the 1960s, Alvin's sons, Jim, Bob, Jack and Ken had joined the business and saw it through its next phases of growth and development. Today, the 3rd and 4th generations are very much involved in daily operations. Nine family members are working partners in the business, plus additional members in the office and sales team. Through the years, the family operation has raised hogs and now grows tomatoes for Red Gold. Mike McKillip said, "We are producers and have been for 4 generations. We have found additional enterprises to help make our operation more successful and diversified. But, the one thing that has remained at our core, and a constant over the years, is our family's dedication to the seed business."

As a company with generations of experience at hand, the McKillip family has a real, working understanding of variables that affect crop health and development. In the past, it took 10-15 years to develop a new hybrid. Today, science and technology have allowed more products to come to the market more rapidly, allowing growers more options and more choices.

AgVenture McKillip Seeds will enhance our customers’ ability to farm profitably by providing practical knowledge and resources that assist growers in exceeding their farming objectives and enhancing their lifestyle. We will deliver grower specific cropping plans complete with the best quality products and customized services. We will partner with growers to facilitate success with leadership and direction.